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There is a new crew member aboard the International Space Station. It is an adorable robotic ball capable of recording video while moving around in zero gravity. The space drone is known as the "Int-Ball" and the device will free astronauts to do more important work while providing ground controllers with their own set of eyes. 

The Int-Ball is short for Internal Ball Camera and was developed by Japan's Aerospace Exploring Agency. The Int-Ball is also the first camera drone that can record video while moving in space under a remote control from Earth, which is handled at the Tsukuba Space Center in Japan. 

The space drone is made from 3D printed parts and current drone technology, it relays its video and image capture back to flight controllers and researchers on Earth, who cast an eye over them before feeding them back to the crew. The hope for the Int-Ball is that it will take over the crew's photography tasks which will allow them to watch on in real time from the crew's perspective as they carry out experiments. 

The first image captured by the Int-Ball aboard the ISS can be seen in the video below!

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