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FPV drone racing has its own championship and the skill involved is crazy!

UAV, or commercial drone technology, has come a long way in the last couple of years since it was popularised, largely thanks to DJI in 2013.

Since then, many companies have been trying out new and innovative ways to make use of drones and UAV technology, from aerial photography and video to delivering pizza's and packages right through to emergency medical airdrops and many more.

But, at its heart, commercial drones share many similarities with the radio-controlled/RC industry. Most of the tech is exactly the same, such as the flight controllers, radio's, radio frequencies and even the props and brushless motors.

So it was just a matter of time until there were championships for drones, much like in the RC community.

A championship league such as the Aerial Sports League specialises in intricate competitions that are governed by a strict set of rules, regulations and requirements, and the sport is getting more and more popular by the day!

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Aerial Sports League, on Championship Race: Xfinity CA FPV Drone Speed Challenge.

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