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To celebrate its 20th-anniversary, Google is making a load of changes to its search.

These changes include making the most out of AI and more advanced search algorithms that will be able to predict what it is that we want. The changes were announced at a small press event in San Francisco, although Google reportedly didn’t take any questions from journalists afterwards.

"We see billions of queries every day, and 15% of queries are ones we've never seen before", it reads in a post published by Google outlining the future of its search platform. "Given this scale, the only way to provide search effectively is through an algorithmic approach. This helps us not just solve all the queries we've seen yesterday, but also all the ones we can't anticipate for tomorrow."

The first change includes a new version of Google's homepage on mobile devices that was actually introduced last year in the search app. Google is calling this feature 'Discover' as it will now surface content and relevant articles based on what Google knows about you. It's all part of a rebranding push around taking users on a 'journey' rather than just providing them with answers.

The search giant will also start displaying a lot more information cards and images, such as those that currently appear at the top of search results giving detailed information about the most relevant results. Activity cards will appear at the top of the search results that show your previous searches and activity when Google decides it would be 'useful' to display that content.

Users can delete individual card entries and Google will also give the option to save your own searches into 'collections' for future reference.
'Featured video' cards will also pop up, offering content related to video-related searches. Auto-play options will be optional in case this proves annoying. Another form of cards will be 'enhanced topics,' which is a feature offering additional tabs of information on a common topic that allows users to narrow down their search. If a user searched for 'pug' some examples of ready-to-scroll info would include 'buy or adopt,' 'names' and 'how to train.'

Keep an eye open for the update, and happy searching.


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