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Regardless of what smartphone you might have, whether it be a Samsung, Apple iPhone or even a Nokia, one of the most used apps on any mobile device is the alarm clock. If you forget to set your alarm and run late for work the next morning could indeed ruin anybody's day!

Fortunately, however, modern alarm clock apps have the ability to set multiple alarms and even alarms that go off every day of the week so that you don't forget, you can even make use of your voice command system to set your alarms, so there is no excuse whatsoever for forgetting to set one.

However, with that said, after a new Android clock app update, hundreds of Android users experienced their alarms not going off when they were set to do so which resulted in many 1 star reviews on the Google Play Store which is quite bad for business. Reposts said that even the standard troubleshooting prompts did not resolve the problem. This was all traced back to one developer at Google who failed to test before releasing which, as a result, got him fired.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Later Clips on The Bizzare Google Clock Bug Got Someone Fired...

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