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Google has decided to launch a new feature to Android, the Undo Send feature.

Google's Undo Send feature has been saving people from embarrassing typos, mistakes, and other email taboos for years on the web version of Gmail. Luckily, now, the feature will be launched to the official mobile version of the famous Gmail app, starting with a release on the official Android version of Gmail, according to Android Police. The feature should arrive with the latest Gmail version 8.7.

The feature started as a mere Google Labs experiment and you had to toggle on before graduating to the official Gmail feature list back in 2015. It works by implementing a time delay on sent emails to let you rescind them within 10 seconds if you happened to impulsively fire it out with an error in plain sight. It exists already on mobile within Google’s Inbox app on both iOS and Android. But for those who use the official Gmail mobile client, it’s been mysteriously absent.

Android Police notes that this may be a server-side update, so it may not be showing up properly in update notes for all devices and may require a restart of Gmail even if the app is already running version 8.7.

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