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Google, a division of Alphabet Inc, has announced that it will expand its Cloud services to five new regions, and build three new submarine cables to service its capacity needs.

Google's Cloud service is already up and running in thirteen regions, including Tokyo, Taiwan, Mumbai, Singapore, Sydney, London, Belgium, Frankfurt, Sao Paulo, Oregon, Iowa, Northern Virginia and South Carolina. The company estimates that its network currently accounts for 25% of all internet traffic.

Google will expand the platform to Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Montreal, the Netherlands and Finland. This means companies in these regions – who use Google's Cloud Platform – will experience higher performance and fewer service disruptions.

"Overall, these investments mean faster and more reliable connectivity for all users and customers," a Google spokesperson told an online source. These latest-added regions will "give customers high-performance levels, high availability local computing, a flexibility of deployment and scalability for their applications and data."

Google is taking part in the construction of three undersea cables, which will be commissioned in 2019. Customers in the areas that will be connected via these cables will experience faster and better Google Cloud Platform and G Suite services as a result of increased network capacity and connectivity.

"Overall, these investments mean faster and more reliable connectivity for all our users and customers," the company says. "Subsea cables increase capacity and latency to these regions."

The Curie cable will connect California to Chile, and of these three cables, Curie is the only one that Google privately owns. Google will become the first major non-telecom company to build a private intercontinental cable. Watch out world, Google is coming to you, and it is coming fast!

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