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The Real Life Guys have somewhat of an obsession with bathtubs, or at least it may seem so. In actuality, their "do something" philosophy has led them to create all sort of why-the-hell-not madness, including, but definitely not limited to, a bathtub snowmobile, a bathtub submarine, a homemade hot air balloon, etc. It only makes sense that the young designers or engineers would aim their grand bathing challis to the sky. And while these wacky inventors have left other drone pilots in the dark, creating their own human-sized flying machine, using none other than a bathtub; this is their flying bathtub drone.

It should not be possible for the team of The Real Life Guys to get away with half of the stuff featured on their YouTube channel, they are dangerous and cheap but still incredibly awesome designs! Who knows, maybe one day they will send a bathtub into the stratosphere.

In the video below you get to see some footage of the world's first manned flying tub. The remote-controlled drone is a concept that Di Vinci himself would have been proud of, using the same elements of technology as everyday drones, only on a larger scale. Be sure to check it out:

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