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Take a look at these 10 video game cheats we all used at one point or another.

  1. Unlock All Weapons in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas GTA games have never been the easiest to progress in. Sometimes, all you want to do is have fun and destroy as much of the city as you can without getting busted, and having availability to every weapon in the game surely helps!

  2. DK Mode Goldeneye 007 Goldeneye 007 is considered one of the best multiplayer games of all time, and is subject to one of the most humorous cheats ever: DK Mode. DK Mode, once activated, will render all the heads of your enemies super large, which makes them vulnerable to getting shot.

  3. Level Select Sonic The Hedgehog As simple a game as Sonic The Hedgehog appears to be, there are some levels that are incredibly difficult to do. Unfortunately, you cannot progress to the next level without completing the current one first, so a cheat code was embedded into the game which allows users to skip to any level they wish.

  4. Motherload Sims 2 Arguably one of the most successful games ever to be made is the Sims. But, let's be honest, after building your dream home and having your sims move in, it gets tiresome waiting for them to bring home their hard-earned cash, day after day, until you have enough to further renovate your house. So the Motherload cheat code was created to get a huge lump sum of cash.

  5. The Blood Code Mortal Combat After the release of the initial Mortal Combat video game, censorship boards brought the game distribution to a screeching halt. The game developers then removed the violent graphic content and, instead, allowed a cheat code called "The Blood Code" to fully restore it.

  6. God Mode Doom Doom was yet another very successful video game series that set a foundation for all other FPV shooter games. God Mode was a cheat code that rendered your avatar invincible.

  7. Watch Me Xplode Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater was loved by millions around the globe, and served as a skating alternative on those dreaded rainy days! Watch Me Xplode was a cheat code to overcome the difficulty of the standard game by unlocking all characters and boards.

  8. The Konami Code – This code was not confined to just one video game title, but rather to all games released by the developers, Konami. Once entered, the player would get a full bank of powerups.

  9. Exploding Lara Croft Tomb Raider 2 Those of you who were around when Tomb Rader 2 was the latest action-adventure game on the market, would remember a rumour of a mysterious cheat that would render Lara Croft completely nude. But, only a few short years ago, Core Design released a statement saying that it was all hogwash. However, the next best thing was a random and quite bizarre cheat code called "Exploding Lara Croft" where, if the player made Lara take one step forward, one step backwards, turn around three times and then jump forwards or backwards, Lara Croft would explode into a cloud of body parts.

  10. How Do You Turn This On? Age Of Empires 2 The Age Of Kings Age Of Empires 2 was notorious for humorous cheats, but one of the best ones was when the user would type in "How Do You Turn This On?" into the cheat box. This would spawn a blue Shelby Cobra with white racing stripes and machine guns attached to it to help you destroy all those sword-swinging losers!

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, What Culture Gaming, on 10 Video Game Cheats Everyone Used.

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