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Marvel's Spider-Man is now available to purchase exclusively for PlayStation 4 and it has been received wonderfully by gamers around the world.

The game sees you taking control of the wall-crawler in his hometown of New York City as you face iconic villains including Scorpion and Mr Negative. Developer, Insomniac Games, has taken great care in creating Marvel's version of New York City. Throughout your time in the game, you will swing past locations such as The Empire State Building and Central Park and the best part of swinging past these locations is that you can share your journey through New York with your friends.

Marvel's Spider-Man features an incredible Photo Mode that lets you snap gorgeous pictures as you play through the game and it has one rather special feature, A SELFIE MODE!!!

Throughout the game, you will catch Spider-Man playing with his smartphone and the wall-crawler is no stranger to the selfie. Here are some of the spots to go take selfies on your adventure through New York:

Time Square

Avengers Tower

Empire State Building 

The UN Building in front of the Wakandan flag

Trinity Church 

Wall Street 

Brooklyn Bridge 

Radio City Music Hall

Get the game today and share your #SpideySelfie with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Or download your photos from the game and sneak them onto the family photo frame for a superhero surprise among the holiday photos.

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