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Google's Chrome browser recently turned 10, and here are some things that all Google users need to know when they launch the browser.

The major update saw Google getting a new look and a swathe of new features. The upgraded design, which is now available to all, offers a more curvaceous appearance which is aimed at making the browser more simple to use. Along with this refreshed appearance, there are also new features such as automatic password, faster search results and the ability to make the browser seem more personal to you.

Here are 8 new things that all Google Users need to know:

1.Translate those websites

The power of Google Translate is baked into Chrome’s functionality as you browse sites in a foreign language. But sometimes you don’t see the "Translate" button pop up right away; don’t worry, just right click on the page and choose "Translate to ...."

2.Multi-Tab like a Boss

Having too many tabs open in one window is a productivity dealbreaker. Break them up by holding Ctrl to click on multiple tabs and select them, then drag all the tabs to a new window or to an existing window.

3. Navigate the tabs with a breeze

Navigate your tabs straight from your keyboard. You can save eight days of time per year using keyboard shortcuts. Try this one in Chrome: jump between tabs at light speed by pressing Ctrl and the tab number you want to go to (i.e. Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, Ctrl+3).

You can also switch between tabs by pressing Ctrl and the tab key.

4. Search even better

Search with more specificity. Pressing the "tab" key after you type in a URL allows you to search within that site (e.g. twitter.com + "tab" key + whatever you’d like to search).

Manage your tabs from your commute to your desk. Open Chrome and click on "History." From the drop-down menu, click "Full History" and "Tabs From Other Devices." If you’re signed into the same Google account on both your phone and your computer, you’ll see the article you were just about to finish on your way into work.

5. Payments made faster

Don’t miss those Beyoncé tickets while looking for your wallet. Save your card information in Chrome whenever you're paying for something.

Once you enter your card, you'll see a prompt asking whether you'd like to save your information. Say yes to keep it safe and handy for when you need it quickly.

6. Do not forget your password

Manage and protect your passwords. Chrome has a password manager that suggests super secure passwords for you and stores them in one safe place. All you have to do is type "chrome://settings" and scroll down to "Passwords and Forms." From there you can access saved passwords and opt in or out of certain management features.

7. Do not ever get bored again

Stuck underground without signal? Find Chrome’s secret game – updated for its birthday month with a birthday hat and cake!

We’ve all been there: you’re trying to load a news article, urgent email, or video when you suddenly lose Internet access.

However, downtime doesn’t have to be a downer: the 8-bit dinosaur you see on the Chrome page turns into a game! Just press the spacebar or tap the screen. You can also play while connected – just type "chrome://dino" into your address bar.

8. Access Emoji

Type easily in emoji. With the new Chrome, you’ll be able to use a new right-click shortcut to access emoji on any platform Chrome can be found

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