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Date: 2018-09-21

Even though PlayStation Now is not available all over the world, well yet at least, Sony has decided to expand the PlayStation Now stream-gaming service to allow users to download older PS2 and PS4 games.


While PlayStation Now is available on PC and PS4, the download option will only be available on PS4 systems. According to the PlayStation blog, "almost all" PS4 games that are available are already available in the PlayStation Now service and will be downloadable, noting Bloodborne and Until Dawn among the examples of high-profile downloadable titles. 

Normally, you would be able to just stream-play games over an Internet connection, but the ability to download will allow you to use downloadable content and PS4 Pro enhancements – something you could not do while streaming games. 

While PlayStation Now downloaded games will be playable offline, you will still need to hook up that Internet connection every few days to verify your subscription. Now we are all crossing our fingers in the hopes the service will finally arrive here in South Africa. Now that we have a speedier-than-average Internet connection that is not strictly needed for the service to work, our odds of getting in on the action have just improved. 



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