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Adobe is developing a universal "Pixel" camera app for all smartphones, and the logic is a game-changer.

Adobe is currently developing a universal camera app for smartphones that could replace the factory camera app. Many people choose their next smartphone with the camera in mind as one of the defining factors on whether to invest in that specific make and model.

Android and Apple iOS have very different default mobile camera apps, each one offering strengths and weaknesses in different areas, but both deliver pretty good images and video. And, once you're done with your filming and photography, your images are then saved to your camera roll as per usual.

Adobe, however, has other plans in mind. Adobe is currently in development of a mobile camera app for smartphones that will be universal across all devices, offering the same software, features and user experience. Furthermore, because this is Adobe, we can expect out images and video to be automatically sync's and imported to Lightroom mobile, or Lightroom Classic CC for you to keep organised and to start editing immediately.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, LaterClips, on Adobe currently in development of a universal 'Pixel' camera app which is a complete smartphone game-changer.

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