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Affinity Designer is a professional vector graphic design program that allows you to design anywhere at any time.

Developed with input from a team of leading professional graphic designers and based on Apple Design Award-winning technology, Affinity Designer is the most ambitious and creative app developed for iPad thus far.

The app was launched during an event at developer Serif's Nottingham, UK, headquarters.

"Affinity Designer for iPad takes all the power and precision of our desktop version and converts it into a truly stunning immersive experience," said Serif’s Managing Director Ashley Hewson. "We’ve packed everything you’d expect from professional design software into an app that you can just pick up and take wherever you go, totally free from the confines of your desk or even your office."

Hewson also said that developing Affinity Designer for iPad meant totally reimagining the way that graphic designers work on a screen. "We've spent months working closely with influential artists, illustrators and designers to fine-tune the development of the app. Their input really helped us rise to the huge challenge of bringing a full graphic design experience to iPad, which means this is an app with proven professional requirements at its core."

The software is a velvet-smooth vector tool and the curves have pinpoint precision. From initial sketches to fleshing out a design in vector, to handing off for professional print or web, Affinity Designer has the workflow covered all in one place.

Professional performance demands the ability to operate seamlessly with your fellow pros. So Affinity Designer's modern, powerful export engine covers all the major file types, whether a project is destined for print, online or any other app. It is a real game-changer for all vector drawers and the pencil stabilisation allows users to produce the smoothest and most accurate lines possible, whether it is drawing with a freehand pencil or a brush tool.

The extraordinary ability to zoom over one million per cent ensures complete accuracy in your work, everytime you design something. Affinity Designer for iPad is unique in offering the opportunity to switch seamlessly from vector to raster work. With around 100 brushes built into the software, to cover pretty much every requirement, it's simple to add rich media texture to your designs.

The Affinity Designer software is optimised for the very latest iPad technology, including intuitive multi-touch gestures. The iPad's advanced Metal graphics processing delivers unreal speed and lag-free real-time edits, even on the biggest files. The Apple Pencil's dynamic-like tilt, angle, pressure and more help bring the smoothness and stability to your curves and colours. By using the Drag & Drop feature of the iPad's Files app enables you to bring projects in and out of the app at a touch.

Hewson adds: "Affinity apps are tailored for today’s technology … that means they’re fast, powerful and precise, with total lack of bloat. On iPad, the powerful graphics processing really helps us deliver eye-popping performance."

Affinity Designer for iPad supports all major file formats, 16-bit per channel editing, end-to-end CMYK, ICC colour management and sports colours for professional printing. The app boasts 22 non-destructive adjustment layers that preview instantly and can be edited any time, and with the full support of masks, stacks and clipping layers, Affinity Designer for iPad offers the most advanced layer controls available in any vector-based app.

You can watch the launch trailer below:

Affinity Designer for iPad - official video from Affinity on Vimeo.

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