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Take a look at probably the most epic game of Never Have I Ever, played by an Astronaut.

Astronauts get to do some incredible things in the little time off they get in the International Space Station. Most people would probably test out and play with the effects of weightlessness, playing with water in space and figuring out how to sleep, exercise and do your toilet business!

This time we see a video of a retired astronaut by the name of Clayton Anderson play a daring gave of Never Have I Ever. Clayton Anderson has spent a total of 167 days in space in his career, with 152 of those days in the International Space Station, doing several spacewalks as well.

Clayton Anderson agreed to play a game of Never Have I Ever with BuzzFeedVideo on their YouTube channel. Some of the questions that they asked Anderson ranged from a government conspiracy regarding whether or not the moon landing was faked or not, whether or not he or anyone he knows has ever witnessed any alien activity, right through to pooping and peeing in his spacesuit!

Take a look at the full game of Never Have I Ever with Clayton Anderson in the video below by YouTube channel, BuzzFeedVideo.

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