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Consumer camera drones are a fantastic hobby to get into for many people, or if you're a hobbyist filmmaker or photographer, a drone is a fantastic accessory to have in your kit, however, they do not come cheap!

So those who want to take the first steps into drone flying need to understand the fundamentals of how to fly a drone. There are many things to keep in mind when attempting to fly for the very first time and before you even get to switching the drone on you have to take into account the safety of those around you and your personal safety as well as the law.

For example, you never want to attempt to fly a drone over public roads and highways, over commercial property, crowds of people, airports and a whole ton more!

You also want to make 100% sure that you take the time to study the laws around drones (remotely piloted vehicles) in your country or state before flying.

Once you have got that nailed, you are now ready to practically fly your drone for the very first time and here is a great guide to get flying:

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Jake Sloan on How To Fly Drones For Beginners...

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