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Attention all highly-addictive and loveable users of the social media app, Instagram.

Have you ever wondered just how much time you spend scrolling through the endless timeline of people's photos? Well... Instagramers could soon find out exactly how much time they are spending 'liking' their endless feed of photos.

The co-founder, Kevin Systrom, confirmed rumours and speculation that Instagram is "jumping into the time well-spent movement".

It does, however, seem that features such as allowing users access to their usage statistics could be available on Instagram in the near future.

It comes after arguments of social media's negative impact have gained momentum in recent years. Earlier this year BBC reported that two studies, which involved more than 700 students, found depressive symptoms were linked to the quality of online interactions.

Another found that those using the most social media platforms were three times the amount of risk of depression and anxiety. Knowing how much time you spend on the app daily, weekly, or even monthly could prompt lifestyle changes from users, especially when you consider the alleged mental health effects of heavy social media use.

So while the prospect of knowing specifically how much time you spend on Instagram might bring you out in a cold sweat, perhaps it could inspire you to use the app more purposefully, rather than scrolling your days away.

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