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Technology has one universal goal: to make human life easier and much more convenient. However, for some folks, that is simply not the case!

There are literally hundreds of thousands of videos out there from people who managed to capture situations where humans and tech simply don't mix... but each scenario is unique in its own right.

Here we see a mix where people make innocent mistakes, like spilling a hot cup of coffee over their laptop. Devastating, yet most of us have done something similar at one point or another!

On the other hand, however, you get those who completely lose their cool with technology, especially the gamers! When they fail at hitting that high score after spending countless hours inching closer to the ultimate win, they retaliate by slamming the remote into the TV screen, which doesn't help the situation at all!

From demonstrating new technology live that goes humiliatingly wrong to showing off your VR skills and getting completely disorientated! It's all here in this epic tech fails video!

Take a look at it in the video below by the YouTube channel, Fail Army, on High Tech Hullabaloo - Fail Army

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