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The smart sex-doll, Samantha, has reportedly been upgraded with the power to say "no", as demonstrated to a panel of "sexperts" at the Life Science Center in England.

Samantha, built by Barcelona-based engineer Segi Santos, listens, talks, sets the mood and, ultimately, whispers users into a frenzy. The sex robot is modelled after – what is apparently Santo's ideal woman – enormous breasts, teeny waist, gaunt limbs, mermaid-esque hair, and features the intelligent part of liking to be touched on the arms hips, chest and face.

But Samantha is no pushover, she requires a bit of wining and dining before you can get in her pants (or should we rather say removable vagina). But catch her with a headache, exhaustion, low hormone levels, or during the early stages of menopause, you might as well just stop trying.

Actually, the doll's sensors allow her to detect when touching becomes too aggressive or disrespectful. If Samantha feels harasses, she simply shuts down, leaving the user with an unresponsive, gaping mannequin.

Some might consider this a step toward awareness of the #MeToo movement, Santos has given Samatha a voice to express herself. But low libido or not, there is nothing to stop customers (which is largely male) from forcing themselves onto the bot, even if the robot herself refuses. After all, how much damage can a pair of motionless arms and legs do?

Kathleen Richardson, who is a professor of ethics and culture of robots and AI at De Montfort University, is less than impressed with Samantha's latest skill.

Founder of the Campaign Against Sex Robots, Richardson branded the bot an "extension of pornography and prostitution," according to the Daily Mail. She said it is "a waste of money which could be spent on better things."

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