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KUKA partner of Life Science Robotics, has developed a revolutionary rehabilitation therapy system that uses a KUKA LBR Med Robot, that can allow patients to focus on getting better, and get out of bed faster.

The robot is known as ROBERT® and it is developed for rehabilitation of bedridden patients. The purpose of ROBERT® is to identify needs and to make a difference for patients, healthcare workers and society.

With our LBR Med as a main component, ROBERT® is the first robot in the world that is custom-made for the purpose of taking care of the rehabilitation of bedridden patients.

Robots are becoming cheaper and more capable. The use of robots in healthcare represents an exciting opportunity to help a large number of people. Robots in healthcare may also be utilised if they are capable of executing tasks better, or more efficiently, than a human!

Take a look at ROBERT® in action below.

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