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Rumours had constantly made it sound like the Resident Evil 2 Remake was in development, yet E3 proved that’s not the case and that we’ll be playing the Resident Evil 2 Remake on January 25th next year.

The gameplay we have seen so far is set at the Raccoon Police Department and, from what we have seen, we can assume that the game will have an over the shoulder camera angle and A LOT of zombies. Judging by the gameplay, these zombies will be slow moving but aggressive, which means that you will have to watch every turn. When one of the zombies bite you, the camera zooms in extremely close, making it a very uncomfortable experience and adding the level of panicked disorientation to the proceedings.

The gameplay has also shown that we will be able to board up windows with wooden boards that you can find scattered around the place. They are very limited in quantity though so you need to be tactical with what you use it for. Barricading is obviously something we have seen a bit in the series before, but it sounds like in 2 there will be much more to barricade and it can affect how populated routes are by zombies.

In terms of the graphics of the game, which is way better than the previous version, we know that it is running on the RE Engine and you can definitely expect the gore to look as unsettling as it did in Resident Evil 7, with an intense realism to everything. Some snippets of gameplay have also shown limb destruction similar to what we saw from the Molded Resident Evil 7, but it looks even more gruesome on a human-like zombie.

The game is changing the location of enemies and items as well as mixing up the layout a bit. The makers of the game did, however, confirm that the new areas will be in the game and we did see that in the gameplay, so it will be exciting to see what else is new.

Via: Gamebyte

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