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It might seem quite bizarre to learn that Google released a feature, regardless of what it is, for iOS first, then followed by Android months later. But this is not the first time that Google has done that!

Google has implemented a new feature that is available for iOS only (We can only assume that it will be released for Android sometime in the future). The new feature can be found in Google settings, in iOS devices, that allows a user to clear any search history that was accumulated in the last 15 minutes of use. Once activated, a shortcut button will be present in the search engine that will clear this search history.

According to Google, this will play an important role in the event that a user might use another person device to browse with. If that search history were to be saved, then irrelevant Google ads will be displayed for the owner of the phone, which will be counterproductive and an annoyance for the user... But we all know the real reason why, don't we?

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Later Clips, on Google's iOS Only Feature.

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