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Google's mobile GPS app, Google Maps, receives a huge update with new features and realistic terrains.

There are some apps that you simply can't live without, otherwise day-to-day life could be quite challenging! One of which for most people would be some sort of navigation app, the most popular one would be Google's GPS app, Google Maps.

Google Maps quickly climbed to one of the top navigation apps for a number of reasons, like being free of charge and available on pretty much any mobile device and desktop. It also has offline mode and can be personalised, plus, a user can pinpoint and save locations and so on.

Google has announced a major update to Google maps which include new features, far more exciting attention to detail, with a more accurate and realistic terrain.

There hasn't been an official announcement as to when this update will be available but we expect before the end of the year.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, LaterClips, on Google Maps Receives A Huge Update With New Features And Realist Terrains.

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