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The Google Maps app for Android is a powerful tool, with many useful features that make it easier to find your way around the world.

Here are some tricks and tips for getting the most from Google Maps:

1. Never lose your car in a shopping mall, again!

The world is full of massive shopping malls with expansive, multilevel parking garages, so it’s easy to forget exactly where you parked. With Google Maps app on your Android device, you can simply tap on the blue dot on your map once you’ve parked, then tap "save your parking". That will label your parking location on your map. You can also add a note to remind you about the level and parking bay number.

2. Download maps to save data

If you are worried about maps chowing up your mobile data, or simply want to navigate without using your precious mobile data, you can download and save map areas on the Google Maps app. Tap "offline maps" on the main menu and then select the sections of the map you’d like to store on your smartphone.

3. Share your location

Rather than needing to constantly text or phone your friends and family to let them know where you are or when you’ll arrive, you can share your real-time location with them via Google Maps. Simply tap the menu, followed by location sharing and add people. You can add selected people from your Google contacts or share a link with friends and family who don’t have Google accounts.

4. Find nearby stop-offs on your route

Google Maps makes it simple to add a stop along your current route so that you can find a place to break for lunch or put in petrol without taking a long diversion. Tap the magnifying glass icon while in navigation mode and choose from options such as petrol stations, restaurants, grocery stores, and coffee shops. Alternatively, hit the 'search for more places' button and enter a keyword or address.

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