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Just as Apple demonstrated not too long ago with BMW, Google has now also developed its own version of digital car keys.

The concept of digital car keys is to allow a user to unlock and lock their cars by using their cellphones. A lot of concern was raised over this with regards to safety and security but, what most fail to realise is that digital car keys raise no more security risk than standard car keys.

Apple's version of the digital car key made use of the iPhone's near field communication system (or NFC) in order to unlock the cars' doors. The only frustrating part of this concept from APlle was the fact that you would have to take your phone out of your pocket and hold it close to the door handle in order for the NFC to register. Because of that, having a regular car key or even factory provided digital car key proved to be more convenient.

What Google has done with their Android digital car key is made it compatible with Ultra-wideband (UWB), which means the system could connect over a greater distance which means that people could unlock their cars without the need to take their phones out of their pockets!

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Later Clips, on Google's New Android Digital Car Keys...

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