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Drawing pictures (including watercolour) has attracted many people for a long time. But one had to prepare so many tools (a picture or subject, a canvas, a bucket, various brushes, coloured pencils, a palette, and others) in drawing a picture. These days, users started using 'tablets' in drawing pictures as an alternative way.

However, most recently, art has moved into the digital age.

The introduction of technology has removed the need for an artist to prepare an extensive list of tools and has reduced this down to a tablet and stylus...

Introducing the Davinch, which is a digital accessory for artists, that aims to bring back the behaviours of analogue painting and re-introduce the ‘Taste of Painting’ that was lost.

It is comprised of three main elements; the first is the roughness of the brush, this simulates the amount of water on the brush, the second is a colour picker which is a reference to a painter’s palette. The final is a small cradle, which holds the brush when it is not in use.

Davinch certainly allows the convenience of digital painting, while retaining the emotion and process of analogue art.

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