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Robots have been at the forefront of science fiction for years and we are now at a point where the technology is so advanced that some companies such as Tesla and Boston Dynamics have created some incredible robots that can do some mind-blowing things. However, non of those things, in particular, can actually justify a practical real-world purpose besides being "cool". Well, until now.

A robotics research and development company such as Boston Dynamics not only develop and engineer the hardware for such robots, but they have also developed an amazing programming code and AI in order to control their every move. And the secret lies within this code as to make them actually useful.

A company in Austria called Adams that specialises in Hydro Electrics has assigned a robot dog from Boston Dynamics to do specific tasks that of a far more useful than waging its tail and fetching a bone, but rather that of doing site inspections.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Tom Scott on An Actual, Real-World Use For Robot Dogs...

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