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Take a look at how the infamous Space Shuttle works in this amazing 3D render video.

The Space Shuttle program lasted from 12 April 1981 right up to 8 July 2011 and played a significant role in the progress of technology, space exploration and science. However, in order to appreciate the Space Shuttle program, we need to understand it's primary function.

The Space Shuttle was never designed to be a craft to go much beyond the Earths gravitational field. The Space Shuttle barely left low earth orbit, but its feature was the ability to transport many more astronauts to space than any other spacecraft. It would be used to launch satellites into orbit and also to carry building segments of the International Space Station (ISS).

There have been many movies demonstrating and featuring a Space Shuttle, such as The Core (2003) and Gravity (2013), which gives a good sense of its capabilities and mammoth size.

However, when it came to the exact design, features and capability, we could only learn from a few movie documentary clips, pictures and books, but now we have an amazing in-depth 3D rendering video of the legendary Space Shuttle made by YouTube channel: Jared Owen which you can check out below.

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