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A shocking report shows that India is considering banning the mobile game, PUBG, online shopping giant, AliExpress, and many more online applications.

Its been a few weeks since government officials from India made headline news when they banned the social media video-sharing giant, TikTok, over concerns of users data and security.

But that is not the end. A report on the same concerns was released about other international mobile apps that potentially misuse users data, which raised a few red flags to the Indian government.

On their current list of mobile apps to be reviewed and considered for ban include the online multiplayer mobile game, PUBG, as well as the online shopping network, AliExpress, and around 275 other mobile apps. The Indian government has already banned 59 applications that originated from China, and the report states that this is just the beginning of their cleansing program.

The announcement of India potentially banning the mobile game, PUBG, sparked viral discussion on Twitter over why is this necessary as PUBG is just a game. But the reasoning is clearly more political than anything else.

Take a look at the video below by YouTUbe channel, LaterClips, on India Considering Ban Of PUBG, AliExpress and More.

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