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Here are some interesting and amazing places you can visit on Google Earth.

Google Earth was made available to the public around halfway through to 2001 and fascinated the world! Well, except for the flat earth society...since then, it has been updated hundreds of times, giving us more features such as pin-pointing your saved locations, better clarity maps, more frequent satellite and ground imagery updates and even terrain filters. With all these advancements Google has implemented into Google Earth, there is no doubt that if you spend some time searching around, you can find some pretty amazing and interesting locations.

Some that have been found and well-explored consist of the aeroplane grave-yard in Arizona, which is a spooky yet mesmerising place to have a look at. There are also a variety of shallow shipwrecks that can be seen across the globe and, if you browse around the dense city of Hong Kong, you'll see a random modern boat amongst the buildings with no water around it, but this is a cleverly designed shopping mall in the shape of a boat!

There are tons more to check out! Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Bright Side, on 18 places Google Earth doesn't want you to see.

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