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Facebook recently faced a rough patch, one that might take them a while to win users back. But they have been ramping up some new functions and getting back to what we enjoyed in the first place; sharing unique things.

Facebook now returns with a brand new feature, which aims to bring users 'inside' their Facebook memories. The first look at Facebook's new VR features which uses videos and photographs to create a 3D world.

The latest feature was unveiled by Rachel Franklin, the company's head of social VR, who took to the stage at the annual F8 conference. The feature is made possible using a range of cutting-edge technologies, including AI and point cloud reconstruction, which also includes "photogrammetry".

"Photogrammetry" works by using the exact locations of surface points seen in the clip or image, creating a more precise environment. Have a look at the new features in the video, you will see the 3D VR world looks like it's made up of colourful paint splotches, giving the experience a strange, dream-like look to it.

It is still the first step into a new world that will undoubtedly become more and more polished and powerful over time, it is a glimpse into what the future holds for photo viewing experiences.


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