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Take a look at this insane Mario Kart AR Home Circuit Challenge.

This AR game brings together the perfect balance between physical toys and digital gaming!

Together with the Nintendo Switch, there is a whole new take on Mario Kart, called Mario Kart Live, which includes real-life toy karts that you control via the portable console, but with a lot more in-depth gameplay tech. The game makes use of AR and overlayed game graphics, so you could build a whole race track inside your home using whatever you like, and even play with other players.

The AR is intelligent enough to map out the racing track you made, and gives you live feedback to where other players are. It records each players standing, and points are live, furthermore, there are coins to collect and a series of in-game challenges. You can also watch and download all your games to replay your racing glory!

The Nintendo Switch and Mario Kart Live will open up a whole world filled with fun, physical and digital gameplay and creativity!

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Linus Tech Tips, on the Mario Kart AR Home Circuit 4 Player Challenge.

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