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Qualcomm, a smartphone chipset technology company, is developing their brand new smartphone and has announced that their front-facing or "selfie" camera will be permanently on!

Now, this might be embraced or completely rejected depending on who you are and what your views on privacy might be like. According to Qualcomm, the purpose of having the front-facing camera permanently on is to actually improve on privacy as if a user were to look at their screen the camera would instantly recognise their face and would unlock automatically, whereby if a "stranger" or unrecognised face were to look at the screen the Qualcomm smartphone would instantly lock.

This might sound like a simple and possibly effective feature, however, a lot of programming, software and algorithms will have to be implemented for this feature to work effectively and not be a hassle as for example, if you want to show a friend a video or have them text someone while you are driving the smartphone would most likely lock them out.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Later Clips on Qualcomm's Smartphone Camera Will Be Always On...

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