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In just the first two weeks, Red Dead Redemption managed to ship over 17 million copies, so the game must have crossed your path in one way or another.

Naturally, the hotly anticipated title has proven a hit, but recent figures released by developer Rockstar Games' parent company, Take Two Interactive, show just how well received the title has been.

With more than 17 million copies of the game have shipped worldwide, it is definitely an achievement for Rockstar Games and is an immensely impressive figure given that it has only launched on PS4 and Xbox One to date.

Of that 17 million, it is estimated that 12 million have already been sold since the game launched on 26th October. Added to this, Take Two says Red Dead Redemption 2 sold more copies within the first eight days compared to the original Red Dead Redemption game.

That said, whether it will achieve the same cult status among gamers still remains to be seen, but with the possibility of a PC port as well as the Online mode, which is still to come, there is certainly scope for Red Dead Redemption 2 to attain that kind of iconic position.

Coupled with the sales success, Red Dead Redemption 2 has also helped Rockstar and Take Two make a fair bit of coin, with it selling a reported $725 million within the first three days of going on sale. The only other Rockstar title to surpass that number was GTA 5 back in 2013 with just over $1 billion.

If you have not played Red Dead Redemption 2 for whatever reason, we highly recommend that you give it a go.

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