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Swiss-based Robotic Systems Lab has created a robot dog with the potential of keeping our streets clean, to be humanity's best friend.

ALMA is a quadrupedal robot, like Boston Dynamics' spot mini, but with an extra mechanical arm capable of performing a range of 'manipulation tasks'.

ALMA, which stands for Articulated Locomotion and Manipulation, can open doors easily using its three-pronged 'hand' and 'arm' which can extend, grip, and turn objects it employs. Featured in a video published by robotic systems lab ALMA is shown holding a glass of water without spilling it and even assisting a human to lift a heavy box.

The research team behind ALMA have also captured the four-legged robot helping to clear trash from around some small bushes. ALMA identifies a plastic bottle, picking it up with its robotic hand, before dropping it into a nearby trash can.

With further development, the team hopes its creation can be used in disaster areas, surveying difficult-to-access areas, and delivering emergency supplies. In the meantime, Boston Dynamics plans to commercialise its Spotmini robo-dog, with the first ones set to go on sale in 2019.

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