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Let us travel back in time and take a look at the fascinating history of the ultimate strategy game, Age Of Empires.

Tony Goodman, the founder of Ensemble Studios, explains that his passion has always been computer programing, but the start of what would become the legendary Age Of Empires came from a place very different from computers.

Tony Goodman explains that as a kid, his friends and him used to spend countless hours playing the fantasy strategy board game Dungeons & Dragons, which was a combination of storytelling, strategy and fantasy.

Tony Goodman's company specialised in business software and programing but he always wanted to start a game company, even his co-workers believe that he only went into the business of software development to gain capital and experience to get into game development!

The team based Age Of Empires on the elements that made the games Civilization and WarCraft successful, with self-generating and random maps, real-time gameplay and strategy. One of the game developers at Ensemble Studios paid a lot of personal interest in history, and brought forward the idea of having the game based on ancient warfare and civilization through a variety of different ages.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Microsoft, on The History Of Age Of Empires.

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