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Boston Dynamics’ robots continue to amaze, especially with the company’s latest highlight videos showcasing progress of its Atlas and Spotmini robots.

The clips show its humanoid robot 'breaking a sweat' and its four-legged bot taking itself for a walk.

The first video shows off the Atlas running at a swift pace before throwing in a little jump – which might not be as impressive as its backflips – but still puts us all to shame.

The Spotmini robot walks along a predefined path throughout Boston Dynamics' lab facility. The video shows off the dog-like animal’s ability to avoid obstacles using sensors on its front, back, and sides, which interpret its surroundings in real-time.

The clips, however, do not reveal much we have not seen before, but they both show how naturally these robots are able to move around.

This new video may represent a test of the robot's balance and ability to navigate in a landscape that is more uneven than a warehouse floor, as the robot's sensors are intended to allow it to move smoothly over "rough terrain" and to quickly recover if it stumbles or falls over, according to the Boston Dynamics website.

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