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Have you ever thought about how society will evolve with new technologies? This is the question asked by the photographer of the series, The Robot Next Door.

Photographer, Nicolas Bigot, returns to detail the life of robots in his third and final instalment of The Robot Next Door. Nicolas, a 10-year UI / UX designer who lives on the coast of Armor in the U.S, has created the visually striking photo series to show a dystopian future where robotics and humans have merged, almost like a futuristic cyborg, that's not so terrifying to look at.

To create the robot/human hybrids, Bigot first captures his models in the appropriate poses and scenery. He then physically builds the mechanical element of the photo using various parts including washing machine parts, pipes and electrical wires. Bigot then photographs these parts separately, in the same lighting and position as the models before finally merging the two separate images using the digital software.

This series is a combination of all his passions. From photography to post-shooting retouching, but above all, from themes that are close to his heart such as human and artificial intelligence, transhumanism and robotics.

You can see the way he puts the pieces together, here.

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