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Biologic Intelligence is to emulate an animal's brain and nervous system into software and robotics. This new form of Artificial General Intelligence runs over the top of Deep Learning and Machine Learning based systems to understand and act upon changing and unlabeled data in real-time. Inevitably it is a conclusion for how all Artificial Intelligence evolves. 

For instance, the brainwaves of a parasitic roundworm drove a LEGO robot. Extending the connectome of  C. elegans to a robot displays behaviours that can be observed in the living organism and allows researchers to study the connectome from sensory input to motor output in real-world environments.

It is claimed that the robot behaved in ways that are similar to observed C. elegans. Stimulation of the nose stopped forward motion, touching the anterior and posterior touch sensors made the robot move forward and back accordingly. 

The key point is that there was no programming or learning involved to create the behaviours. The connectome of the worm was mapped and implemented as a software system and the behaviours emerge. The connectome may only consist of 302 neurons but it is self-simulating and it is difficult to understand how it works, but somehow it does. 

Have a look at the worm-controlled LEGO robot below. 


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