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With Elon Musk warning humanity against AI, it seems that more and more technology gadgets are receiving the ability to operate in an artificial manner. This might not be a bad thing, but read further and you might actually sit back and wonder... is it worth it? 

In preparation for the UN Convention on Conventional Weapons in Geneva Switzerland, the Future of Life Institute (FLI) released a disturbing sci-fi short film that shows what might happen if we fail to place an international moratorium on autonomous killing machines. 

Currently, drones employed by the US military require humans to stay in the loop but, with pending advances in artificial intelligence, it will soon be possible to remove the human factor and have autonomous machines do the killing. To nudge the international community towards a preemptive ban, the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots is sponsoring an event at this week's UN convention. One of the groups speaking at the event is FLI, and it is planning to show the short film called Slaughterbots.Warning: the film is violent and disturbing (which can be seen below). 

The film is done in a style reminiscent of the sci-fi series Black Mirror, and it takes places in the near future. 

The film is about a fictional company called StratoEnergetics whose latest product is an AI-powered, and miniaturized killer drone – but things start to take a dark turn. The weapon eventually gets into the wrong hands, and it is used as an assassination tool, targeting politicians, political activists and students. 

The film illustrates just how easy it will be to build such a weapon and how hard it will be to defend against it. 

Have a look at the short Slaughterbots film below: 

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