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The Gnarbox is exactly what you would expect from the crowdfunding community. It is an incredibly versatile product that solves a concrete consumer problem. You do not see companies make products like these because companies seldom see through the eyes of the consumer.

So what exactly is the Gnarbox? Think of it as the all-in-one solution gadget for pretty much every photographer, videographer and editing woe. This device lets you store every image and video you capture in full resolution (RAW and 4K) to a single disk. DSLR? GoPro? Drone? Phone? all your media content gets integrated and sorted beautifully into one single device.

The Gnarbox isn’t a hard-drive it is a remote computer. With the Gnarbox, you can immediately and professionally edit photos AND videos on the go… without a laptop. The Gnarbox pairs with a mobile app to allow you to edit your content, creating slideshows and elaborate movies on your smartphone or tablet!
It securely stores all your data from all your devices in one single place. It eliminates the need to carry your laptop with you to edit insanely heavy files. Lastly, as a creative, it allows you to instantly work on your projects, saving crucial time while also making sure you can easily begin creating content as soon as inspiration strikes!

The Gnarbox is an absolute winner of a product and something that will potentially change the landscape of cinematography. Have a look at the video below to see more about the rugged device.


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