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This design offers a glimpse into the future of smartphones, their recent developments and the futuristic dreams for a flexible device that is fully see through.

Among patents that suggest that Apple will, one day, release a foldable iPhone and Samsung, a display that fully wraps around the phone, the designer Lucas Couto have conceptualised a model, which is probably close in predicting an iPhone 12 or 13; depending on how long the company draws out improvements, or throwing in of X, Y or Z models.

Couto presents the orbit smartphone, which brings a notion of transparency to the smartphone, by simply placing an 'always-on' camera, which projects an image on the interface's background.

Much like the LG's research in flexible OLED light panels, the device incorporates a screen combines with a ductile enclosure to deliver a near-unbreakable smartphone with a bezel-less and bendy display.

The model, which clearly takes a lot of its design cues from the iPhone, has no headphone jack which, no doubt because of Apple's recent introduction of wireless Airpods. And in what is an appropriate prediction for their future generations, the charging port has also been removed, allowing the phone to be thinner and lighter.

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