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With technology growing vastly by the day, some of the challenges we face is to have a nifty camera at hand for those special moments. A new Google camera called Clips aims to fill that gap by removing cameras from our hands entirely, leaving it up to AI to determine the moments that need capturing in the first place. 

So why would anyone need another camera if you already have a smartphone to do the job for you? Because artificial intelligence – that's why. Google thinks its machine-learning software can recognize those moments in our life that need capturing, leaving us free to enjoy the moment and the photographic evidence thereafter. 

The difference with Google Clips is it is trying to steer toward everyday applications where spontaneous, capture-worthy moments can pop up and you do not have the time to grab your smartphone. The camera can be placed on a flat surface or clipped onto something like the back of a chair, and once it is switched on, Clips remains on the lookout for moments to capture. 

These moments are recorded as short motion photos – which is just a few seconds long – and are synched with a paired Android or iOS smartphone. 

It hasn't specified a release date for Clips but does say that it is coming soon to the US and will be priced at US$249. In the meantime have a look at the video to see the full specs of the Google Clips gadget.

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