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Robots are obviously going to end up taking all our jobs if they do not kill us first. Now it seems that they are going head-to-head with human strippers, or should we say head-to-camera?

These pelvic-rotating Frankenstine wanna-be-robots have large CCTV cams instead of faces. At the CES 2018 show – a huge tech show that showcases some kind of future gadgets – rounded things off in The Sapphire Gentleman's Club. The robots were exhibited on stage alongside human pole-dancers.

The robots were imported from London and unveiled by human dancers in futuristic costumes to the soundtrack from Star Wars. At their metallic high heeled feet are tip buckets, that can be seen in the video, and that reads "Need money for batteries" and "MIT bound".

Peter Feinstein, the Sapphire Las Vegas managing partner, told the Daily Beast it was an idea hatched to attract more women to the club and conference.

"We’re appealing to a mass audience who looks on the internet, which we don’t normally do just as a gentlemen’s club," he said. "The majority of strip clubs are not appealing to people through CES. We’re offering a different place to go. If you’re six people from a company and there’s two women and four guys, you can still come here and have some fun, see the robots and not feel like you have to be part of a strip club."

"Come watch sparks fly as the Robo Twins shake their hardware and leave everyone wondering if those double Ds are real or made in ‘Silicone’ Valley," a flyer for Sapphire read. One of the twins was given the name ‘R2DoubleD’, because why not.

Giles Walker, the artist behind the robots, told an online source that "It has been a strange journey."

"I built these sculptures based around issues of voyeurism and surveillance. At the time of building, Britain was quickly becoming the most watched society in the world with these ‘mechanical peeping Toms’ appearing on every street corner," he says. "We were told that it was for our safety and to reduce crime… when statistics prove that street lighting is actually a much more effective way of keeping us safe. The other thing happening at that time in the media was the ‘sexed-up dossier’ that Tony Blair’s government had produced in order to take us to war with Iraq."

"I was fascinated with the terminology being used… I mean, how can a dossier be ‘sexed-up’! Anyway, this led to the whole idea of ‘sexing-up’ a CCTV camera and combining this with the whole watching-us-watching-them concept."

Rather than labelling the sculptures as pole dancers or robots, they are dancing cameras added Walker, whatever they are, they are definitely freaky!

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