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The Rinspeed Oasis Concept car features a personal garden called the Oasis, the car is an electric vehicle that can be owned or shared with others through a rid-hailing app. The car itself is a self-driving electric vehicle with a top speed of 80mph and can accelerate to 60mph in 9.7 seconds. 

The self-driving Swiss vehicle is a next generation car, with a host of technical and visual treats inside. The car was engineered by Swiss company 4erC and executed by Esoro. The ultimate eye-catcher of the concept car is the small garden with enough space for growing radishes or even little Bonsai trees. The idea of the garden is to create a new living space in the interior of the car, and with armchairs, sideboard and a TV it is set to provide a modern living room ambient in white. 

It is crazy to think that an urban gardening on wheels might be the next big trend, or is it just a little bit too out there?...well maybe. But as always the creation of Swiss mobility innovator Frank M. Rinderknecht is an oasis for inspiration in the otherwise rather expensive automotive wasteland.

Have a look at the video to see the full specs of the Rinspeed Oasis car.

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