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Date: 2018-03-14

Video: Samsung Launches A New Ambient Mode 2

Samsung's latest QLED TV is somewhat of a subtle shape-shifter that features fewer cords, a voice assistant and most notably the Samsung Ambient Mode, it is cooler than it sounds.

TVs used to stand out like beautiful alien boxes at the centre of any person's home. Somewhere along the way, their lustre was lost and now, TVs have largely become giant, techy eye-sores. The best of which is thin and sleek, and a little unnecessary but here, Samsung has created a TV that is thin, sleek, practically invisible and potentially useful, but still not as useful as a computer.

The feature is elegant in its simplicity. Before you hang the TV, you take a picture of the wall it’s going to sit behind. Then you set that image as the wallpaper of the television. The TV can even insert a digital shadow around the edges of the bezel (you can see the effect in the video below).

With an easy-app assisted set-up, the new television becomes a shape-shifter, blending in with surrounding colours and patterns. The results, as you see here, is a nice, subtle focal point for your wall — a TV that doesn’t just take up unnecessary space when you’re not using it.

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