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Early 2016 SprayPainter's launched an innovative app-controlled device that can sit on top of a spray can and allow even the most inept artists to create a wall-sized work of art. Now the company has decided to take thing a little further by developing a prototype that can climb up and down walls to create large-scales murals.

SprayPrinter's has been working on an entirely different method to get artistic visions onto walls in hard-to-reach places. The company's prototype device builds on its earlier design by combining five spray cans, each with SprayPrinter heads attached, to a little robot that climbs a wall and paints whatever giant image is programmed to reach the little robot's mind. 

Their new innovation does not use a camera, instead, this large device is tracked by a computer that can constantly ascertain its position by calculating its place on the cable as it runs up and down. While the robot moves up and down it prints small dots of different colours side-by-side, so that when the eye views the mural from a distance those colours blend together. (GENIUS) 

The entire set up for this giant SprayPrinter effort is certainly not something a renegade graffiti artist could quickly pull off overnight, but the system is able to generate compelling murals in spaces that traditionally would be nearly impossible, or at least incredibly expensive, to navigate. Mihkel Joala, the inventor of the original SprayPrinter, suggests this larger-scale device was always the logical end-point of his creation.

Watch the giant mural come to life in the video below. 


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