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Music-playing robots are fascinating, there is something profoundly compelling about watching a mechanical being imitate art and playing a musical instrument. The latest crazy robot musical symphony comes in Automatic; a project that enlists several industrial robots to form a giant mechanical orchestra. 

The Automatic project is the brainchild of engineer-artist-and-all round musical mad scientist Nigel Stanford. You can view the latest project in the video below, which repurposes several industrial robots into a 21st-century bot band. Automatic began back in 2015 when Stanford was loaned three industrial robots from a company in Germany. These robots were usually used to build cars or weld metal, but Stanford found a way to programme these robots to do anything really!

Stanford has ultimately created several videos and an entire album under the Automatica banner. The robots play much of the music on the album using five main instruments – drums, bass, piano, synth and turntables. While the piano and synth were relatively easy instruments to teach the robots to play, others presented more of a challenge.

Have a look at the video to see the final performance by the robot-band in action!

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