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Who would have thought that you would ever get to experience a robot making beautiful music?

You don’t need expensive equipment or high-tech computer programs to make sick beats. All you need is a bevy of robots, some strobe lights, and a vision for the future.

At least, that is what works for Moritz Simon Geist, composer of robotic electronic music (REM); a new genre that relies on hardware, not software, to create electro sounds.

A performer, musicologist, and robotics engineer, Geist got his start in REM (the sound category, not the American rock band) in 2012, when he developed the MR-808 Interactive, a drum robot installation programmed live by spectators.

"Since then my whole life is dedicated to experimenting, building, and playing shows with music robots," he wrote in a blog post.

"I wake up with them in the morning and think about music robots at night. Why? Because I think that electronic music has evolved and I am very bored with music synthesizers, modular synthesizers, samplers, and computers," Geist continued. "I want future! Robots! And techno!"

His upcoming EP – the world's "first robotic techno record" – is scheduled for release next month. All four tracks are made entirely from homemade instruments: futuristic kalimba, pneumatic hi-hat with a valve system, drone guitar, reclaimed hard drives, and "crazy psychedelic glasses."

The full-length album, The Material Turn, launches in November on vinyl, CD, and digital. Trained on the clarinet, piano, and guitar, Geist started making electronic music in the 1990s, according to Wired. But he quickly became disenchanted with the on-screen interface, and instead built his own tools.

The result is astounding. Check it out, below!

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