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This is why Apple is dropping the "i" from their product names.

Back in 1998, Apple launched its first product with the iconic "i" product name with the original iMac. The "i" was intended to signify the word "internet", and was a last minute name change from what Steve Jobs wanted to originally call the new generation Apple Mac computer – which was going to be called MacMan.

The change from the original name to iMac would later become one of Apple's most successful branding campaigns in the companies history. Later, new products would be launched with the exact same lowercase "i" followed by the product name such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod.

This proved to be exceptionally successful for Apple until the release of the Apple TV. Apple found themselves in a bit of a predicament with the name of their new TV app device as the name iTV was already taken. Apple then changed the name of the device to the Apple TV.

Soon thereafter, Apple saw that continuing with the "i" branding campaign would lead to unnecessary patent costs as you can't own the letter "i". Some companies have already patented several potential device names starting with the lowercase "i" such as the iWatch. Apple then released the Apple Watch following the new trend of having the name Apple before their new products.

When Apple launches new products it seems that they will continue in this new fashion. Since Tim Cook has been CEO of Apple, he has never released any new Apple product with the product name starting with "i".

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Tech Altar, on Why Apple is dropping the "i" from product names.

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