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In case you are not familiar with N++, it is a hardcore physics-based platformer with stark vector graphics, an extremely good electronic soundtrack and several thousand single-screen levels.

You move your character, a floaty stick-figure ninja, with simple left-right-jump controls, however, making it to the end of each level will require you to master momentum, timing as well as gravity.

N++ is very difficult, and you will end up dying, a lot! Despite this, the game does not look like it is unfair or excessively punishing. The opening levels explain how everything works through clever introductions of mechanics and layouts, and you will usually figure out soon enough what you have to do to get to the end of any given stage.

The problem is, how you pull it off.

N++ is a sequel to N+, itself an expanded version of the 2004 freeware game N and its minimalist aesthetics may not immediately impress those who play it. Even some of the videos do not quite convey the game's appeal. N++ is a staggering achievement and one of the greatest platforming games ever made!

The N++ game put you right inside Burns and Sheppard's heads, laughing at the elaborate death traps they've devised and marvelled at how they have come up with the idea.

Basically, you will never finish N++, there are thousands of included levels and various modes aside. The game comes with a robust editor and a strong community of players feeding it new content.

And now you can play it all on a plane or in a park. Sold.

N++ is out today on Nintendo Switch and costs $14.99. It's also available for PS4, Xbox One, and Steam.

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